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Our intelligent bot works tirelessly to sell your steam assets on marketplaces like Waxpeer. With user-specified parameters, the bot ensures that it undercuts other sellers in a way that maximizes your benefits.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • ShieldPeer uses user-defined settings, the bot identifies the optimal price point for your skins by analyzing current market rates and undercutting other sellers in a strategic manner. This ensures you get the best price possible, without significantly affecting your profits.
  • At ShieldPeer, we prioritize the security of our users. We leverage the security framework provided by Waxpeer and add an extra layer of protection, ensuring the highest levels of safety and integrity during all transactions. Moreover, ShieldPeer does not store any user sensitive data like Steam login credentials.
  • ShieldPeer was designed with the main goal to make your trading more profitable. The bot works tirelessly for you, making precise and timely price adjustments based on market fluctuations. This superb efficiency not only gives you an edge over manual trading but helps you earn more in a shorter time on the Waxpeer marketplace.
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